What are cookies and why does the Company use them?

They are small text files sent to the browser used by the Customer and stored on their computer as long as the Customer is in the Company’s web site. Cookies in no way contain any personal information or information that will allow anyone to contact the site visitor by telephone, e-mail, etc. Additionally, cookies do not have access to computer documents or files.

The use of cookies makes it easier for the website to memorize information about the customer’s visit by collecting useful information about Customer’s search preferences. So the search experience will be improved.

In addition, cookies help the Company to see the performance and traffic of its website, improving its presentation and content, according to the preferences of its visitors.

Which cookies are used?

Some or all of the cookies described below may be stored in the browser. Customer may view and manage cookies in the browser (however, mobile browsers may not offer this visibility).

Of the different types of cookies that exist, the Company uses the following:

Absolutely necessary:

The technically necessary cookies are essential to the proper operation of the site, allowing the customer to browse and use its functions. These cookies do not recognize the individual identity of the Customer. Without these cookies, the Company can not effectively serve its website.

In addition, these cookies allow the site to remember Customer choices such as font size, or have responded to a Company poll to provide enhanced and personalized features.

If the Customer does not wish to use cookies.

The Customer can enable, disable or even completely erase cookies through the setup options in his browser. However, after that certain parts of the site may not function properly.

Confidentiality Policy

The Company takes care of security, reliability and respect for the Customer. Protecting the privacy of Customer’s personal data is particularly important. For this reason, the Company knows its guests or their Clients as follows:

The Company’s website is a communication system with the public, which provides information and services over the Internet. Visitors / Clients can visit the Company’s website and be informed about new products and services they offer, important announcements, new jobs, and use any service without giving any information.

In the event that for the purpose of processing a transaction through the website it is necessary to collect personal data of the Customer in any case the following will apply: The Company keeps a record and processes any personal data of its Customer for the sole purpose of supporting, promoting and executing business relationship with the Customer as well as the provision of high-level services. Customer’s data are protected by strict confidentiality criteria and are not passed on to any affiliate.

The Software of the website is designed to ensure the highest level of security and trust. All information contained in requests submitted via the Site and related to the payment of any service selected by the Customer is secure and confidential. Only authorized employees who have appropriate training in the handling of Customer Information will have access to this information and only when this is necessary to meet Customer’s requests.